Frequently Asked Questions
When does Bisley Flower Show take place?
At the end of August, on the Bank Holiday Saturday.
Where can I pick up a copy of the schedule?
A copy is inserted into the August/September edition of The Bisley News. It is also available at the George Stores, Bisley, The Green Shop and Stancombe Farm Shop locally or Tourist Information in Stroud.
Where do I post my entry form and fees?
Before Bank Holiday Friday: to the address on the entry form.
On BH Friday: received at the WI Village Hall from 9.00am – 12.00noon.
Can I enter on the day?
Late entries are accepted at the discretion of the secretary. These entries are not guaranteed.
Where do I return my Trophy?
To  Helen Clough,  Bisley, 01452 770 738 . The return by date is printed in the schedule.
When do I place my exhibits?
Exhibits must be placed on Flower Show day between 8.30 am and 10.45 am. No exhibitor is allowed in the marquee after 11.00 am when judging takes place.
How do I place my exhibit?
On arrival at the marquee, a card is issued to each exhibitor with an exhibit number for each entry. The exhibit is then placed, by the exhibitor, on the corresponding number already on the table.  Numbers on the table must be visible and must not be moved.
What information can I place by the exhibit?
Only relevant information requested in the schedule for the entry eg breed of hen/name of herbs.  Junior classes require age of child but no name by the exhibit
Who judges the exhibits?
Our judges, who are mostly from outside the village, are very experienced in their area of expertise.  Some have WI judge’s qualifications.
When will I be able to pick up my exhibits?
Exhibits may be collected after 3.45 pm and before the auction commences. All items left on the table after
4.00 pm will be deemed to be donated to the Flower Show and will be auctioned off for Flower Show funds after the prize giving.
When will I be able to collect my prize money?
Prize money will be available to collect between 3.45 pm and 4.00 pm.
Trophies and Cups
If you would like the Flower Show to have your trophy engraved with your name, it must be left with the committee immediately after being received at the prize giving. When it is ready to be collected, the Flower Show will contact you.  Otherwise, it would be appreciated if the winner could have the trophy engraved before handing back for next year’s Flower Show.
For further information please contact Helen Clough,  01452 770 738