Trophies 2018


April tropies


April Tropies

Patrick Roberts Memorial Cup - 1990 - For Decorative Arrangement in a stemmed glass.


Whitbread Trophy - 1978 - for the Best Flower Arrangement with accessories. 


Bobbie Revell Memorial Trophy - 2013 - donated by Gerald Revell in memory of Bobbie who

was a very active and loyal member of the Flower Show committee for many years.

Best Flower Arrangement in a Basket.


Floral Decoration Trophy - 1978.


Swale Cup - 1994 - donated by the Flower Show Committee in memory of Julie and Alan Swale

who did so much for the show in the 1980s and 1990s. A miniature arrangement of flowers.


Davis Trophy - 2019 - donated by Jane Smith in memory of her parents John and Jo Davis. Decorated Hen's Egg.

Junior Animal Trophy - 1978 - Arrangement to Represent an Animal.


Junior Miniature Garden Trophy - 1984 - Miniature Garden Class.


Arthur Cox Rose Bowl - 1978 - donated by Arthur Cox.

The highest number of points in the Rose Classes.


Jim Price Trophy - 2012 - Donated by the Price family for the best exhibit in the flower classes excluding roses.


Collection of Vegetables Trophy - 1979.


Darrell Richards Trophy - 2015 - donated by the Flower Show Committee in memory of Darrell Richards who gave so much to the Flower Show for so many years. Best tomato exhibit.


Basil Weaving Memorial Challenge Cup - 2006 - donated by Terry Weaving. The highest number of points in the Open Vegetable Classes.


Litherland Trophy - 1992 - Best Home Grown Fruits.


Bear House Trophy - 2003 - donated by Mo and Adam Smith. Jam and Chutney classes.


W. C. Smith Memorial Challenge Cup - 1982 - Victoria Sandwich.


Millennium Trophy - 1999 - donated by the Flower Show Committee. Men's Chocolate Cake.


Kath Mills Memorial Trophy - 2013 - donated by Kim Wilson in memory of her mother. Best exhibit Junior Baking Classes.


G. T. S. Sanders Challenge Cup - 1983 - The family with the highest overall number of points.  

Mr. G T S Sanders was Chairman of the Flower Show Committee in 1968.


Best Junior Trophy - 2013 - presented to the junior with the highest number of points.


Trophy enquiries​

Trophies are presented at the end of the show at 4pm.

For  further information or to have your trophy engraved please contact Helen Clough:  01452 770 738