Entry forms with fees are accepted in a sealed envelope to

The George Stores, High Street, Bisley. GL6 7BA

by 2.00pm Thursday 26th August, 2021  


On Friday 27th August between 9.00am-12.00 noon

completed entry forms are accepted by hand at the


W I Village Hall, Manor Street, Bisley.

There is no guarantee that late entries will be accepted. 

8.30 am - 10.45 am 
The marquee is open to place your exhibits. A committee member will greet you at the door. Your named card will have your entries and corresponding numbers.You will then be shown to the table where your exhibit should be placed.
Please make sure that all Junior entries place their age but not their name next to the exhibit.
2.00 pm                     
The marquee is opened for public viewing. The fete will open at 1.00pm
3.45 pm                     
Entries may be removed from this time.
but NOT before.           
Prize Money may be collected from the secretary's table.
11.00 am                   
The marquee is closed and judging commences. The results are recorded, prize-winning certificates placed by the relevant entries and cup winners names placed by the relevant cups.
4.00 pm                              
Prize Giving
followed by an Auction of produce.
Any entries that have not been removed
from the marquee are auctioned.